I deserved a facepalm, or a high face, in the face, with a chair.

You know you’re awkward when:

A waitress/waiter tells you to have a good meal. You say “You too”

You trip on flat ground.

You look like an overgrown fetus.

You are ugly.

You run into people in the hallways.

You invite people to your house and have to tell them to leave because you didn’t clean.

You tell everyone you’re good at something, but in reality you really suck at it.

You make fan instagram accounts so no one can see your face.

You make really long unnecessary eye contact with others.

You make up lies that so-and-so just started talking to you, but they are actually your best friend.

You stutter.

You can’t talk to boys without blushing.

You can’t talk to boys without stuttering.

You say stupid stuff.

You can’t ever get a boyfriend.

You can’t talk to boys.

It’s hard making new friends.

You fall down the stairs like once a week.

To be continued….


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