Boys. The dogs of middle school.

So you know those girls who are boy crazy. Yeah. The one’s who never stop talking about “how dreamy his eyes are”. Don’t get me wrong, I do that too, but I also HATE SOME BOYS. Me and my locker partner have our locker right next to about 10 boys. You can’t even imagine the horror. And in the morning/after school/between classes, there’s about 5 more of them. And… it’s wannabe gangster asshole freaks. Like what the actual fuck…. That’s just on the left side. On the right side, the gay nerds. I have nothing against gays, as my brother is one, but those guys are SO FUCKING WEIRD. Who can imagine the shit that goes on inside their head. And this one kid… let’s called him Bill. He is so fucking retarded. IN EVERY SINGLE CLASS EVERY FUCKING DAY, HE SAYS “I don’t get it” In like every class. URSKJFOIDKWLJESOTKFJETU

Sorry about that. Anyway. I have quite a list of boys I like.

One, let’s called him Jake. (Confidential Purposes) Like he’s really cute and he’s really nice. He has blonde hair and he’s a prep so I have no chance with him. It’s devastating. About 8 other girls like him. He was staring at me once. And I don’t like when boys stare because I ALWAYS start giggling. And that gives it away. It’s so stupid. I mean, I’m so stupid.

I actually have a story. Okay so I’m really short. I could never do anything that tall people can do. So there was this one part with a lower ceiling in the classroom. And I tried jumping to touch it. I tried once everyday. ERRGGG. So (Jake) saw me once and he’s all, “HEY GABY WATCH THIS!” and I turned around and he jumped like 2 inches (FUCK) and touched the lower ceiling and then ALL the other preps were doing the same thing so I stormed off to my desk and sat and watched them. I was actually suprised he knew my name

Another thing. Like the first week into school last year, he volunteered to say everyone’s name without looking at the roster. And HE KNEW MY NAME. AND HE HAD TO WRITE IT ON THE BOARD TOO. AND HE SPELLED IT RIGHT AND EVERYONE SPELLS MY NAME WRONG.

I literally am gonna die.


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