Sorry girls, there’s only room for one queen bee.

I hate the drama at our school.


Well, this post will have a LOT of cussing because I’m sorry but some people just deserve to be hated on.

This one snotty ass bitch, told everyone I was dating a seventh grader. I’m in 8th grade. What the actual fuck. One, she doesn’t know me. Two, I don’t like seventh graders. Three, she better shut her fucking mouth or I will.

No I’m totally kidding.

In 5th grade I went to the mental hospital for being suicidal. Anyway, when I got home my neighbor asked how I was doing and she has a daughter my age who used to be my best friend. Anyway, in 6th grade me and some other girls were talking about stuff. And I said I went to somewhere (I forgot.) And this one girl said I didn’t know you went there I knew you went to the mental hospital. And I didn’t tell them. I didn’t tell anyone. Except my neighbor but my old friend must’ve overheard or something and told everyone.

Almost everyday, you see a girl crying, in the girls bathroom. They’re getting bullied. I hate people


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